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Red Wines:

Mars & Venus, Merlot (Chile)                                                                                                     5.5/22
Smooth, rich and well balanced with berry and cocoa flavors.

Red Rock, Merlot (California)                                                                                                      6/24
Rich berry & cherry flavor with a touch of oak.

Yellowtail, Shiraz (Australia)                                                                                                       6/24
Rich and full bodied, with smoky raspberry & earthy overtones.

Gouguenhiem, Malbec (Argentina)                                                                                           6.5/27
Spicy dark berries and a hint of chocolate on the nose.

Hess Select, Cabernet (California)                                                                                             7/30
Ripe, rich, & jammy red fruit flavor with a hint of toasty oak.

Rodney Strong, Cabernet (California)                                                                                      7.5/33
Cherry & berry flavors followed by a long, rich finish.

Mirassou, Pinot Noir (California)                                                                                               6/24
Hints of raspberry, strawberry and cherry with a subtle smoky flavor.

Apothic Red, Red Blend (California)                                                                                         6.5/27
Blend of zinfandel, syrah and merlot with hints of vanilla and mocha.

Big Fire, Pinot Noir (Oregon)                                                                                                      40
Flavors of light berries, chocolate, ripe red plum and a touch of cranberry.

Silver Label, Cabernet (California)                                                                                          43
Focused with spice, cedar, black cherry and plum. Full bodied.

Ferrari Carano, Cabernet (California)                                                                                   52
Caramel, Espresso and dark chocolate flavors in a juicy and full mid-palate Cabarnet.


White Wines:

Beringer, White Zinfandel (California)                                                                                   5.5/22
Refreshing, light body with juicy strawberry flavor.

Relax, Riesling (Germany)                                                                                                          6.5/27
Ripe peach & apricot flavors with a light, sweet finish.

Annalisa, Pinot Grigio (Italy)                                                                                                    6/24
Ripe Melon and citrus fruits with crisp mineral accents.

Ecco Domani, Pinot Grigio (Italy)                                                                                           6/24
Crisp & dry with flavors of apple, melon & fruity aromas.

Sterling, Chardonnay (California)                                                                                            6.5/27
Vanilla cream accompanied by tropical fruits, peaches, & pear.

Kendall Jackson, Chardonnay (California)                                                                          8.5/35
Ripe apples & supple flavors, wrapped around fruity oak.

Ponga, Sav. Blanc (New Zealand)                                                                                             6.5/27
Ripe tropical fruits with subtle early undertones.

Moscotto, Annalisa (Italy)                                                                                                        6.5/27
A fruit bouquet of peaches and apricot with a sweet finish.


From The Bar


Kettle one or Grey Goose Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and a splash of lime juice

Apple Martini
Absolute Vodka, sour apple pucker and sour mix

Lemon Drop
Grey Goose Vodka, triple sec, cointreau, splash of sweet and sour mix


Plum Sake Martini
Choya rich flavor plum wine & Japanese fine cold sake

Baby Blue
Coconut rum, triple sec, pineapple & grapefruit juice and a splash of blue curacao

Tropical Rainbow
Tequila, triple sec, orange & pineapple juice and a dash of blue curacao & grenadine

Mango Martini
Absolute Vodka, triple sec, splash of lime juice with natural mango juice

Sun Berry’s Martini
Stoli Razberry Vodka, peach schnapps, splash of cranberry juice with sliced fresh strawberry in the glass

Lychee Martini
Grey Goose Vodka, Lychee liqueur, Lchee juice and fresh lychee

Peach Martini
Vodka, triple sec, peach schnapps, peach syrup, splash of lemon & cranberry juice

Thunder Bird
Stoli Orange Vodka, lychee liqueur with cranberry & pineapple juice

Mess Maker
Gin, amaretto, southern comfort, peach liqueur and a drop of orange juice

Fuji Smooth
Malibu rum, amaretto, kahlua, bailey’s coffee, half & half cream

French Martini
Stoli Vanilla, Grand Marnier, Chambord & a splash of pineapple



Top Shelf Margarita
Silver Patron Tequila, cointreau, grand marnier, lime juice, splash of sour mix

Strawberry Margarita
Tequila, triple sec, strawberry puree and lime juice on the rocks or frozen

Pomegranate Margarita
Gold tequila, triple sec, pomegranate and lime juice on the rocks or frozen

Flavor Fruit Daiquiri (Frozen)
Cool and smooth – real fruit and rum. Choice of strawberry, banana or mango

Pina Colada
Silver Rum, coconut rum, pineapple and pineapple juice

On the Rocks

sangriaMai Tai
A fruity rum blend with a Myers Rum floater

Tokyo Tea
A melon flavored Long Island!
Make top Shelf – $3, featuring Captain Morgan White, Ketel One, Tanqueray, and Jose Cuervo

Long Island Iced Tea
Rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, sour lemon & a splash of coke

Yellow Stone
Tequila, amaretto, sour mix with orange juice

Fruited House Wine
Japanese plum wine, berry fruit, red wine, falvor liqueur & syrup with a splash of club soda served with fresh fruit in the glass

Bloody Mary
Fine Vodka, thick & spicy bloody mix

Red Sangria
Snap Dragon Pinot Noir with Apple & Berry flavors

White Sangria
New Harbor, Sauvignon Blanc with Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach flavors

Fusion Sangria
St. Germaine Liqueur, veev acai, cranberry juice with fresh oragne, strabwerries and pineapple splash with soda water.





Blue Moon

Sam Adams

Kirin Ichiban

Domestics 12oz Bottles:  

Big Wave

Bud Light


Coors Light

Miller Lite

Michelob Ultra


Loose Cannon IPA

Import Bottles:

Amstel Light



Japanese Style:

Asahi – 12oz or 22oz

Echigo Stout (Niigata) – 12oz

Echigo Red Ale (Niigata) – 12oz

Kirin Light – 12oz and 22oz

Koshihikari (Niigata) – 20 oz

Orion (Okinawa) – 22oz

Sapporo – 22oz can

Sapporo Light – 12oz

Sapporo Reserve – 22oz can


Fresh & Light “Junmai Namachozou”                                                                                         8
This sake is light, mild, and very smooth with a hint of sweetness at the finish.
It is aged at a cool temperature then flash pasteurized.

Demon Slayer “Junmai Daiginjo”                                                                                                 9
semi-fruity brew with a unique dryness that speaks to wine drinkers.

Snow Beauty (Unfiltered) “Junmai Nigori”                                                                               18
Cloudy sake with flavors of fresh steamed rice and a mellow sweet finish.

Hakushika “Junmai Ginjo”                                                                                                            15
Fresh and fruity sake with a subtle sweet flavor and smooth finish

Hana Awaka “Junmai Sparkling”                                                                                                 18
Refreshing and fizzy with a mild sweetness and acidity

Outouka “Honnama Honjozo”                                                                                                       28
This medium dry sake is unpasteurized to produce a velvety light flavor and light fragrances

Dancing Gold Flakes “Premium Junmai Ginjo”                                                                     33
The elegant dancing gold flakes are said to enhance good fortune
A mellow, medium-bodied, rice-forward sake with a delicate aroma.

Bunraku “Yamahai Junmai”                                                                                                          30
This sake is fermented and processed with great effort.
Dry, rich & additively refreshing, with a pleasing finish and fruity overtones.

Chokara Extra Dry “Junmai”                                                                                                      15
This is a dry and refreshing sake with a crisp and clear finish

Hot Sake                                                                                                                                   sm 5.5/lg 7.5

Flavored Hot Sake (Raspberry or ginger)                                                                       sm 6.5/lg 8.5

Mixing a chic and modern atmosphere with contemporary Asian cuisine.